The Singing Tree Centre is a yoga studio in Beechworth, north-eastern Victoria. Surrounded by an established cottage garden, The Singing Tree provides a diverse range of yoga classes which will allow you to drop out of the concerns of daily life and step into a refreshment of mind and body.

What exactly is yoga?

Yoga is essentially a toolbox of practises and techniques that support the individual to enhance current life circumstances. The practice of yoga enables the practitioner to counteract difficulties and health problems such as backache, fatigue, insomnia and asthma - to name but a few.

Yoga is a science - to practise it well is an art.

What to expect in a yoga class

Students can anticipate exercising different parts of the body with various stretches for about forty-five minutes. The exercises encourage your whole body to relax.

Students will learn various techniques for slowing down the breathing patterns. Lasting for about ten to fifteen minutes, this deeply relaxes the mind and helps the student to become more balanced mentally. A typical yoga class ends with a twenty minute relaxation practice called Yoga Nidra.

Some people can be unsure about encountering Yoga for the first time. Will I be able to keep up? Am I flexible enough? Am I fit enough? Can I sit still for that long?

These are natural responses to something new, and the truth is that we attend a yoga class to become a little fitter or to become more flexible - and have fun at the same time. There are numerous sitting devices such as a yoga stool or even an ordinary chair that can facilitate the short-term sitting practices. 

Yoga is always at your own pace and the only task is to respect your own body’s instruction and take the matter scientifically. Do I feel better after class?

What to bring to a yoga class

  • an empty stomach. It's recommended that you cease eating two hours prior to class.
  • a yoga mat.
  • a blanket and pillow... and light shawl/sarong in summer.
  • arrive before the scheduled class time to settle into the environment.
  • a bottle of water if required.
  • please leave all electronic devices and shoes outside.


Classes are available for groups, or can be offered privately at a time that is mutually arranged for the individual or small special needs group. 


  • join an existing group (term booking): $17/session
  • join an existing group (casual): $20/session
  • individual sessions: $60
  • group bookings (min. 5 people): $100/hour

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